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The Swirl

‘The Swirl’ is a competition winning stainless steel sculpture mainly funded

by the Orchard Centre as part of a section 106 agreement. The idea for 'The

Swirl' derived from literally peeling and sculpting the skin of an apple, a

reference to the name of the centre and its surrounding orchards.

One side of the sculpture's stainless steel ribbon is polished to a mirror

finish, representing an apple's moist flesh which playfully reflects nearby

people, buildings and the sky. The opposite side of the ribbon is in red,

representing both the apple's skin and the overall colour scheme of the

Orchard Centre.

This project is a great opportunity to strengthen the identity and

distinctiveness of the Orchard Centre and will further strengthen the

centre’s cultural heart. As part of the project we engaged with local school

children to make their own peel art sculptures.

Evolution diagram only.jpg
Christmas card maria kramer.JPG
Evolution Diagram high res.jpg
The Swirl image.jpg
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