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Park Hub

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The Growing Space at Cody Dock

This Live Project aims to be a beacon of community engagement and to inspire children and young people from a wide range of backgrounds. The space is used for growing plants and the community.


Exploring the ecological richness within this historically significant post-industrial site, we have received in depth briefing from the Team of Cody Dock and provided a fantastic experience to work with clients who have such a far-reaching vision and values. We have interviewed the therapeutic gardener, learned about social prescribing and local gardening, taken part in the citizen scientist programme amongst many other activities and students have participated the varied programmes, broadening our horizons and initiating regular volunteering.

We have the potential to push co-design further, as we are passionate about making and co-constructing projects, 

with the opportunity to be involved in all design and construction stages. We are working cross-disciplinary with our environmental designers, understanding environmental conditions and requirements throughout the seasons and developing a strategy for this. There is a water collection system and we are looking into irrigation systems as well as exploring the possibility to install hydroponics systems.

DS20 Studio Tutors: Maria Kramer and Corinna Dean

Students: Pranjal Bafna, Archie Brown, Galina Dimova, Adam

Din, Sean Hamilton, William Lambert, Manu Mohan Mohandas, Aya Nasr, Chris Painter, Megan Rees, Blessing Sulaiman, Lucy Turner, 

Hamza Khan, Nicholas Kousoulou, Julia Wladysiak

Partners: Nicholas Alexander, OfCA, Webb Yates Engineers

Sponsors: Rodeca, QHT

Live Design Practice

Artist Impression: Will Lambert

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