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Room 102 is an interdisciplinary, inspiring and collaborative practice, working in the fields of architecture, art design and creative engagement.

We are passionate about the creative process and believe that good design has the opportunity to make a positive spatial, social, economic and environmental impact.

Our projects encompass a wide range of areas including small and large-scale projects in areas such as the built environment,  ecologically driven landscape design and urban and art strategies with public creative engagement.

We work together with relevant specialists from the early stages, designing and co-creating projects, which are inventive and deliverable. Developing holistic and imaginative initial project briefs and methodologies in collaboration is fundamental for successful projects. 

Our focus is collaboration, and we pride ourselves on clear communication with all stakeholders and believe that dynamic teamwork results in better outcomes.


We are embedded in academia and research via the

Live Design Practice, a platform we have set up to enhance innovation and to build up new collaborations whilst promoting participatory activities with diverse stakeholders. We have a great track record of accessing funding and work in tandem with colleagues and students across disciplines promoting knowledge exchange:



We would love to hear from you, please feel free to contact us to discuss any project ideas and potential collaborations.

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