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We are driven by design that is inspiring, intelligent and imaginative. Our work spans from small-scale to strategic planning scale, working in a team with a wide range of specialists, consultants and partners.

Room 102 has won many awards and we see architecture and design as a unique opportunity to improve the quality of and add value in a sustainable and thoughtful way.

Slim Gym

The new 15m long swimming pool, situated in Highgate, North London, is enclosed via a glass envelope with automatic sliding doors opening towards the garden and the rear. It is heated via an air source heat pump

Oculus Pavilion

The Oculus Pavilion was funded by the QHT and designed and built by  architecture students from the University of Westminster. The project was initiated and lead by Maria Kramer, director of Room 102 and was part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Opening up the sky

Generous glass panes with glass beams provide maximum transparency for this rear extension and house redevelopment. The living space is connected seamlessly with the external patio via folding sliding doors, creating a smooth transition between the inside and outside.

Two Storey Rear Extension

This rear extension in Tufnell Park compromises two bedrooms on the lower ground floor and a kitchen extension with a glazed eating area on the upper ground floor. 

The desire for spaces to be light-filled, friendly, sustainable, considering materiality, views and the relationship to its surroundings is at the heart of everything we do at​ Room 102. 
The name of the company - Room 102 - is a reference to George Orwell’s ‘Room 101’, featured in his novel 1984. Room 101 is a place in which a prisoner is subjected to his other own worst nightmare, fear or phobia. In contrast 'Room 102’  is our imaginary next room along and the complete opposite - a space filled with the inhabitant's every hope, dream and desire. 

We set up the  ‘Live Design Practice’ to promote direct links with academia with the capacity to work across disciplines, for applied research and to reach out to communities. We have a strong track record of accessing additional funding and can connect communities with higher education.

The Growing space DS20 Maria Kramer_edit

Room 102 was founded in 2011 and we have more than twenty years of experience managing projects, as lead designers and architects for many competition-winning projects.

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We would love to hear from you, please feel free to contact us to discuss any project ideas and potential collaborations.

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