The 15m long swimming pool, situated in Highgate, North London, is enclosed via a glass envelope with automatic sliding doors opening towards the garden.

Generous, large format automatic sliding doors create large openings to the garden.


The glass roof including glass beams provides fantastic light conditions and connections with the sky.

MY_Gennady_Broadlands_0130 M.jpg

A two-story rear extension with yoga space and a gym links the pool with the existing house. 

MY_Gennady_Broadlands_0097 M.jpg
MY_Gennady_Broadlands_0163 M.jpg

Even though it is an indoor pool, the atmosphere is more like an outdoor pool.

A generous staircase leads to the gym on the first floor opening up views towards the foliage of surrounding trees.

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The plant room has been integrated below ground at the rear garden side of the pool creating a patio area above.

The pool is heated via an air source heat pump reducing the overall environmental impact.

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