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22-06-15 prototype group

Prototype of the Community Hub at the rear podium of the university's Marylebone campus

Community Hub Live Project

22-05 becki.jpg

Together with staff and students from the University of Westminster, we are in the process of designing and building a new QHT-funded Live Community Hub.

The project aims to be a beacon of community engagement inspiring young people. A series of co-creation workshops support activities for young people in the area.

Students engaged in public engagement to better understand the needs and aspirations of locals. Students then developed designs for a visionary community hub based on the initial research. 

As a first step, we developed a 1:1 prototype, which is currently situated at the rear podium at our Marylebone Campus. The design is based on a triangular modular system and two alternating modules have been built with students’ help in collaboration with Mervyn Rodrigues Associates, Jan Kattein and BloQs. The prototype includes a lightweight translucent polycarbonate roof providing protection and will be used to experiment with innovative cladding solutions including ideas of upcycling and developing co-creation methodologies with the local community. 

Students gain direct, hands-on experience of the planning and construction process, enhancing and broadening their range of skills, and developing their confidence through dealing with stakeholders and construction professionals.

Testing individually designed and hand-made hexagon ceramic tiles

construction of pavlion_edited.jpg

Construction of the prototype with students and BloQs

Alex_Omar installing cladding_edited.jpg

Testing individual cladding ideas on the Prototype

22-05-03 S Community Hub 3D Image Maria Kramer.jpg
22 BloQs drawings_c_edited_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-08-12 at

Design discussion with the structural engineer with development models
Left: Digital model collage


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