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Woven Pavilion

The Woven Pavilion was QHT funded and designed and built by third year students from the School of Architecture+Cities at the University of Westminster.

The project was initiated and lead by senior lecturer Maria Kramer and it was part of the London Festival of Architecture. The great majority of components were made at the university’s Fabrication Laboratory and it was developed with the help of the structural engineers StructureMode and Weber Industries promoting applied research and knowledge exchange.


Innovative design and production methods were used and we developed the woven pattern by CNC cutting slots through which the structural arches are 'woven'. The geometry of the arch is based on the catenary curve, which is the curve that an idealised hanging chain or cable assumes under its own weight when supported only at its ends resulting in optimum structural form.  


The pavilion uses digital fabrication tools for construction and development in collaboration with the in-house Fabrication Laboratory and funded by the Quentin Hogg Trust.


00 Maria Kramer Group Photo Woven Pavili
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