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BMX Track and Wildlife Trail

We are pleased to announce that the BMX track and Wildlife Area Project, supported by Haringey Council and the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum, is getting underway.


What is it?

The BMX track and Wildlife Area Project will transform the current makeshift BMX tracks into a multi-use loop and active outdoor zone for children of all ages. The aim is to create a meaningful, site-specific design, which revives the area into a multi-generational active play space and pocket park, strengthening the local neighbourhood and community.


The project is included in the Highgate Neighbourhood Plan and we hosted a local engagement event in 2019 as part of the Highgate Festival. The project will be a long-term investment, transforming a currently underused space into an active play area. The aim is to create community cohesion within an open space, connecting with nature and promoting biodiversity, and creating a much-loved destination for visitors. We are committed to delivering a project, which will help enrich the public realm, preserve and enhance local wildlife and benefit the whole community.


The site would be feature three zones: the BMX world, Play&Explore and the Wildlife Trail. We would like to invite local people and interested groups to join us for a creative consultation. The consultation will be an opportunity to share and discuss ideas and meet locals.

Shepherd's Hill - BMX track and Wildlife
BMX Track and Wildlife Area - Boards Rev
BMX plan.jpg
BMX Track and Wildlife Area - Boards Rev
BMX Track and Wildlife Area - Boards Rev

Visit yourself!
Located near Highgate Tube station on Shepherds Hill adjacent to the Highgate Library.

BMX Track and Wildlife Area - Boards Rev
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